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FAQs About Chalk Mineral Paint

What's so great about Dixie Belle chalk paint?

Good question, believe it or not, chalk paint has been around since man lived in caves, it's nothing new!  However, the great part about chalk paint is it adheres much better than regular latex paint, especially on furniture.  It also dries much faster.  

What can Dixie Belle chalk paint be used on?

Practically anything!  Furniture, of course, but it can also be used on walls, bare wood, glass, fabric, metal, lamps, silver platters, even laminate.  Although laminate does require a light sanding.  Now you can afford to redecorate every year if you'd like!

Do I need to prep the surface before painting?

Your piece should be clean of dirt, dust and grime before painting.  Just a regular cleaning of soap and water with a damp rag is usually sufficient.  As with anything, if it's super grimy, a cleaning with some TSP is usually best.

How many coats of paint will I need?

If you're painting with a darker color, usually only one coat will do.  If it's a lighter color two coats are typically needed.  

The great thing about chalk paint is, depending on the size of the piece you're working on, by the time you're finished with the first coat, the place you started is already dry so you can just keep going!

What will a small 8 oz jar cover?

One of the best features of Dixie Belle chalk paint is you don't need much to get the job done!  An 8 oz jar of paint will cover an average piece of furniture (ie. dresser, coffee table and two end tables) with some left over.

Can I get that awesome worn, distressed look with Dixie Belle paint?

Absolutely!  It's actually very easy peasy to do!  Just 150-220 grit sandpaper along the edges and/or high points will produce a gorgeous, well worn look.

Do I have to use Glaze or Clear Coat?

No you don't! Another option is to sand your piece with a super fine 400 grit sandpaper afterwards which will burnish the paint, giving it a nice sheen.  The piece will then continue to natually distress on it's own.

However, if you want your piece protected finishing with the glaze and varnish is recommended.


Check back often, we will be adding many more chalk paint colors!





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